Monday, January 14, 2008

Treasure on the Island (for Writer's Island)

The topic at Writer's Island this week is "Treasure."

A rogue, a desperado, a buccaneer…
Jean Baptiste LaFitte, Prince of Pirates;
Legend proclaims him the Terror of the Gulf,
From New Orleans to Galveston,
And all points in between.

On the beaches of Galveston Island at Campeche,
Near the haven of Maison Rouge.
Legend whispers of long-forgotten treasures buried deep.
OH! to discover the prize within those grains of sand
Perhaps not washed away with the tide.

Trinkets and beads,
Tarnished golden coins,
long forgotten spices,
genuine silver utensils,
swords of foes who met an ill fate,
rings, pendants, and ivory broaches.
rubies and sapphires and jewels of all types.

Legend says that these are the treasures he left behind.
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  1. that reminds me of Robin Sharma, and his theory of living legacy behind ...

  2. Now this is about a map. Wouldn't that be wonderful to find some of the prizes...? Lots to dream about here!

  3. You took me back into the Arabian Night tales! What treasures!

  4. Your poem reminded me of Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar in the French Quarter. Their drinks are strong enough to put hair on your chest. Fitting I suppose, given its namesake.

  5. Ah, pirate stories and all those adventures! And of course the pirate had a French name. :)

  6. and i am ever so sure many have tried to find them.. this was great.....

  7. such a creative imaginative poem! Let's go find his treasure! :)

  8. This is beautiful.....have a mind fog this week, and just cannot seem to connect with any of the prompts.

  9. Makes you want to get out the ole metal detector!

  10. Your post reminded me of that movie "The Goonies." You must rent it! Nice job!

  11. ah ha...that sounded like a script for a movie....
    great job here

  12. such a great treat...i can only imagine what the seas were like then...


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