Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Date - for Sunday Scribblings

The Topic for this week’s Sunday Scribblings is “The Date”
You can either write about an actual date (blind or otherwise) or about a particular date or a due date or a deadline or the best day of your life or the day that changed your life (or if you feel cheeky you could write about the date that is a food.) Several dates came to mind. Read on to see which one I chose.

My first NON date with my husband of the last three years (we were too scared to call it a date) was January 10, 2002. I’ll save that for another post.

The date that devastated my life was October 10, 2004 when my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the young age of 69. I have written about that date at least twice, once recently, and I don’t think I can [emotionally] visit that topic again right now. But I linked up to my 2 Sunday Scribblings in which I did speak about that date. Click the word "twice" or the words "once recently" to read those posts.

However, on a lighter note, my son and I found ourselves the only two people (in a household of six) home for dinner this Friday night, so I decided to make it our “date night.” Yes, he’s only 11, but he will eventually date, and I wanted him to see how a date goes and make sure he knows how to treat a lady properly. He opened doors for me, he was pleasant and agreeable, and he even filled the drinks and brought them to the table for me. We had a nice steak and potato dinner at Tony's barbecue.

After dinner, we hit the mall. He’s been wanting a cover for his cell phone. We picked one out then browsed the mall at bit. He even let me go in Build-a-Bear. When we left the mall, he agreed to go to Borders with me to look for some books. He continued to open doors and say please and thank you the entire night. When we got home, I got a good-night hug thanking me for the date. Then he kindly let me retreat to the solitarity of the master bath to take a long, peaceful, hot soak in my moisturizing detox rocks from Bath Junkie. I think I’m teaching him well, don’t you?

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  1. I bet it was the best date of your life. Mine was with my nephew when he was 17. He is 19 now. He still asks me and I am yet to say yes again. I will, soon!

  2. There are so many dates in our lives that trigger memory...both good and sad...

    I smiled at your date with your son...every time I have an opportunity to do that with either of my sons I see it as a joy and a blessing...what a wonderful evening you had (and yes, it is up to the mothers to make sure the sons know what a "date" is all about!!).

  3. I think it's great to teach your son how to treat a woman at a young age. Very cool mom!

  4. 11 you say? I have an 11yo daughter, shall we get them together? You are definitely raising him into a fine young man.
    I love how he let you go to Build-a-Bear, and came along to Borders....Boo would love him for both.

    Great "date" tale.

    Penelope Anne

  5. I think you're teaching him VERY well! I love this post because I always have had 'date' days(or nights) with my 3 boys through the years. It is wonderful one on one quality time, but I LOVE that you encouraged him to learn the manners of a real date! Wish I would have read this when mine were younger. :)

  6. That's great having that "date" with your son. Yes, you're teaching him well.

  7. Many dates stay with me as well. The date my dad died is always a day of somber remembrance. The date of my wife and my first date is one of celebration, as is the day we adopted our daughter.

    I enjoyed your take on the prompt. Sounds like you and your son had lots of fun on your "date".

  8. This was great -- good Mom you are.

  9. so nice to read that the concept of the "date" is preserved in the younger generation....I have faith that they will look after our world!!!

  10. sweet date....
    I hope he won't forget the lesson:)

    by the way, I tagged you, if you don't mind...

  11. Revisiting loss is so heart wrenching...I'm happy you and your son had such a rewarding date - that type bonding is wonderful! Nice post!


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