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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Desire (For Writer's Island)

My heart pounding intensely,

a steady drumming in my ears,

a tangible longing at the core of my soul,

hanging suspended in mid-air,

My blood is liquid heat,

rushing to my face,

leaving my cheeks scarlet,

and leaving my palms drenched.


  1. a tangible longing at the core of my sould. What a beautiful line and a desirable poem. Thanks

  2. Very good use of words. It almost makes me warm on this very cold morning. =)

  3. Very nice poem - sounds like it could be soothing or panicky - I hope it is soothing for your. Take care - Kellan

  4. Loved the poem. I agree with Kellan, its soothing and panicky.


  5. It's been a long time for me, but I think you've correctly defined desire - or at least its immediate symptoms! Really nice work!

  6. this is so intense and well written!
    except for the part about longing... I am feeling the other symptoms from my awful head cold! :)


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