Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Writer's Island - "Over the Horizon"

This is my first post at Writer's Island. The topic is "Over the Horizon."

Over the horizon - there are demons with gnashing teeth, skin of leather, and hearts of steel, waiting to descend from the red-smeared sky and devour me. There are cutting remarks, criticisms, and evil plots clamoring to enter my brain and demolish it bit by little bit. There are backstabbers, mischief-makers, liars and thieves, waiting to rob me of my humanity, my dreams, and my goals. Conspirators masquerade as knights in shining armor anxious to spear me with their poisonous swords. There is danger lurking in secret over the horizon.

Over the horizon - a bird calls to me with a whispering trill. The blue sky is dotted with patches of fluffy, white, cotton-candy clouds. There is mercy, gentleness, and goodness waiting to move into my soul with softness and love. There are friends, family, and supporters cheering me on my journey, offering words of encouragement, guidance, wisdom, and praise. A feeling of warmth is eager to surround me. There is beauty to behold in all its luminous glory over the horizon.

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  1. Glad to see you've come ashore here! This is a wonderful take on the prompt. Where danger lurks followed by the beauty really brings home the unknown. Great!

  2. I hope only your second paragraph is in your future over your horizon. Very wonderful thoughts on the prompt!
    Welcome to the island, care for a Margarita?? :)

  3. Wonderful stuff and a triumphal entrance onto the Island! You certainly got it right! Look forward to your future posts.

  4. ditto on keith.

    it's splendid! welcome to writers' island. i look forward to reading more of your posts....

  5. Very nice! Welcome Diana, I look forward to your contributions. :)

  6. Well welcome aboard writer's Island and great start. I like to think the negative thoughts are truely outweighed by the positive that lie over the horizon.

  7. beautiful portrayed the full circle of life...

  8. Both indeed, but the devil always gets the best lines.


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