Thursday, January 31, 2008

Friday's Feast #8

What is your favorite kind of cereal?
I like Frosted Flakes and Cap'n Crunch. Yeah, I'm a grown-up!

When was the last time you purchased something for your home, what was it, and in which room did it go?
We purchase a 42" Sony Bravia LCD HD Television. It's in our living/family room.

What is the funniest commercial you’ve ever seen?
There's one where the guy sends this huge load of coins to the drive through teller, and it bounces off the wall and explodes inside the teller station. Funny! And the one that reminds me of Monty Python where they are using the ATM and the arm comes out of the ATM and rips the guy's toga off (like ATMS's are ripping us off when they charge extra fees.) I don't know why, but those two tickle my funny bone! I usually avoid commercials.

Main Course
Make up a name for a company by using a spice and an animal (example: Cinnamon Monkey).
Garlic Hippo - We sell Italian food!

Fill in the blank: I haven’t ______ since ______.
I haven't been asleep before midnight since some time last year.


  1. Wow ! that must be a terrific TV !

  2. I haven't been asleep before midnight either... That must be why I'm so tired! Happy feasting.

  3. ok i decided to join in the FUN of this meme! i have been wanting to for a few weeks when i saw yours, so much fun!

    i haven't been to bed before midnight in forever either...

  4. Garlic hippo -- love it!! I can taste the ravioli now...

  5. Interesting Feast. I can't decide whether I want cookies at the Cinnamon Monkey or pasta at the Garlic Hippo. It's a quandary.

    Stop by my blog and see my Fantasy Friday.

  6. Garlic Hippo, I like that.

    I also covet they TV, I know I am a very bad girl.

  7. I said Garlic Giraffe! Love garlic and I feel like a hippo after eating Italian!!

  8. So Garlic Hippo will be the next item on the menu? :D



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