Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What a Day!

I normally participate in Tackle it Tuesday, and I had planned my tackle to be learning about my new cell phone. My husband and I finally got fed up with company A, and he went and signed us up for company B yesterday, which means new phones. I love my "old" Samsung phone, and I am so used to it! I would like to have had a Razor, like the kids just got, but he wanted us to have the same chargers so we could share. I know! I know! So I ended up with a new LG phone which is probably great, but I'm not used to it. It's more difficult to open, and the backlight goes away so I can't see the time on the front without flipping it open. Minor details I'm sure, but changes, nonetheless. The new phone is on the left in the picture; the phone I like is on the right.

And, even though I am paid up through February 11th, I have to honor my contract with Company A through February 2nd, and if I try to cancel it any sooner, I will be charged $175. Which, in the long run means, I will have to change phone numbers. That's a bummer. That would be like telling a tenant - yes, you're paid up through February 28th, but if you move out prior to that date, you're breaking your contract, and we'll have to charge you for that. I'm paid up, for goodness' sake! Let me go! They don't make it easy for you. So, I will not be able to use the same phone number unless I wait until February 2nd to activate my new service. It just doesn't make sense!

Company A claims they cannot turn off the Mobile Web access without also turning off text messaging. Company B claims that they can turn off the web access and keep messaging. Company B also offers a discount through my husband's employer, and Company B includes unlimited text and picture messaging. The only thing Company A does that B doesn't is let you rollover your minutes. We never use all our minutes, so they roll over forever. Seems pointless.

But I do have a point, and that is that I am going to have to learn how to use my new phone. I didn't get to do that for a tackle today, but I'm going to do it soon!

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  1. I used Sony Ericson and never want to change it with any other. I'm too lazy to learn new stuff abput handphones.


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