Friday, January 25, 2008

Scrolling Saturday

The purpose of Scrolling Saturday is to choose one of your archived posts and repost it for your new blogging buddies. This is a post from August 8, 2007:

I was reading another blog tonight (I'm sorry I don't remember which one - I hadn't learned about linky love at this point), and she brought up the idea of having an imaginary dinner party where you could invite anyone you wanted, real or imagined, alive or already gone, past, present, future. Who would you invite to your dinner party? Here's my list:

1. Jesus, so I could speak to him in his earthly form.
2. My daddy, because I miss him so much.
3. My son's imaginary friend Buddy and my daughter's imaginary friend Birdie. They could probably help me solve a lot of mysteries. That also takes care of #4.
5. The new superintendent of schools in my district who will be named in January of 2008.
6. Noah. I'd like to know about the planning and preparations for the flood and the convenant of the Rainbow.
7. The man who invented pantyhose (I'm sure it wasn't a woman), so I could ask him, "Why?"
8. My preacher, Jerry.
9. His wife, Kristine.
10. B., a religious mentor.
11. His wife, Ruth.
12. The entire Rascall Flatts band. That would make 15 guests, right?
16. Hunter Pence, the youngest new Astros ball player.

How about you?
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  1. that would make for a super interesting dinner conversation!!
    so glad you participated in scrolling saturday!!

  2. I have Wordless Wednesday and Frugal Friday in my blog. I LOVE the idea of scrolling Saturday, so now I am going to have to add that as well.... now, I am a fairly new blogger, so I will not have as much content to choose from. But maybe a can have some of my new blogger friends share theirs with me.

    You have such wonderful ideas. I am so glad to have found your site.

    Thank you!


  3. Love your list. Number three and four is so cute!

  4. Very cool!!

    I'd have:

    1) Jesus
    2) My paternal Grandmother
    3) Alexander the Great
    4) Dave Matthews
    5) Marilyn Monroe
    6 & 7) My parents
    8) My Aussie friend, Anna
    9) Piper of Love
    10) My husband, Michael

  5. That is a great list! Great repost for SS!

  6. My daughter and I thought through that one a couple of months ago...always a fascinating trip!

  7. Love this list... for me, I think I would like to invite my grandparents, so they could see how cool I am all grown up.

  8. wow that is quite a list, and would make for some truly interesting dinner conversation! awesome!!

    happy Scrolling Saturday, feel free to pop in at our place!

  9. I'd invite my grandparents and my parents. It would be nice to catch up with them...


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