Friday, January 04, 2008

New Friends - Sunday Scribblings

The theme for Sunday Scribblings this week is “new.” It could be new hopes, new dreams, or new year’s resolutions.

“The shortest distance between new friends is a smile.”

A few days ago, my son and his friend were riding in the back of my Forerunner on our way to spend Christmas gift cards. They were playing a game where they waved at people in other cars and tried to get the people to wave back at them. They decided that the people who waved back were nice, and the people who didn’t wave back were “sour.”

As we were walking in to Target discussing their poor results (1 in 5 waved back), I told them to smile at people because if you smile at someone, they will smile back. I believe that is true, and we had fun putting the theory to the test. I'm going to take my own suggestion and try to smile more. People can’t help but smile back, and it fits with my intention to project happiness even when I might not be feeling very happy. Maybe in the process, I will make a new friend. I am reminded of a song we used to sing at Campfire Girl camp:
"Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. "

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  1. That watermelon is amazing!
    I loved that campfire song!
    The background on my blog is from here:
    A few things, 1, make sure your picking for blogger and not myspace, it jumps
    2, I lost everything but my posts! My whole side bar of friends, and all my links, pictures, everything!
    I guess I'm going through my comments to find people again!
    I even saved my original template like they said but it didn't go back up!
    So be warned!!!

  2. Good idea to spread smiles. Most people don't offer a smile to strangers. I'll have to try it and see how many responses I get. I know it makes me feel good when people who I don't know smile at me.

  3. Haaaaaaa You are so right! People do respond to a smile! Too many people think if they smiled someone would surely retort "What are you smiling at?" Great post ;~)

  4. Yes -- they can't help it! I love the watermelon.

  5. i love that game...i play it all the time. but be careful if you smile back i am a like a puppy and i WILL strike up a conversation all the while thinking "they like me,they like me". yea i am pathetic like that! lol

  6. That is so true. It is a wonderful lesson to instill in our children.

    That watermelon is impressive. Are those jellybeans or melon brains? Sorry, I had to ask ;-)

  7. I have found that while driving, if I hold up one finger I almost always get a response.

  8. I've been spending a lot of time at the hospital recently, and smiles go a long way there. What a great thing to teach your children.

  9. I'm going to smile at everyone today!

  10. I want to smile more too! That theory works, but I'm so serious usually, I can't make myself smile more. But I will definitely try!!

    I lvoed to play that game of waving at the other cars when I was a kid. Or making faces...;)

  11. Not sure about smiling at strangers - but there are nice people out there.

    I like that melon image.

  12. Nifty new year post! The watermelon is superb - made me smile! For sure, I find that a smile offered is nearly always returned!

  13. you are so adorable and sweet! Love the campfire song, and I must say.. i DO smile a lot at people, It does seem contagious. Your sons car game brought back memories of doing the SAME thing when I was a kid. Same statistics too! haha :)))

  14. Anyone who sings the best Girl Scout song ever at the end of a post is a new friend :)
    Great post, great point of view on life.
    This is my first week doing Sunday Scribblings and I hope yu will visit:

  15. What a beautifully touching post. I loved the thought of your all smiling at all the people and them smiling back. What a great lesson to teach and remember. Thanks. Have a great Sunday. Kellan

  16. You brought me right back to girl guide camp with your song! I cannot tell you how many times those words have reminded me that there is room in my life for all kinds of friends!

  17. The watermelon is too cute! I am a big smiler! What a great goal to smile more in 2008.

  18. I'm visiting so I can rebuild the friends list I lost! I was able to widen the comments on the templates I got and now it looks somewhat normal and I really like it! But be everything! Ok, I'm off to continue rebuilding!

  19. Well, I'm smiling now! Don't know if it was the watermelon or your words but I so agree.
    Thanks for your kind response about my tin, fellow Libra.
    Have a great week.

  20. I hope you succeed in making new friends in 2008.

  21. I like the watermelon too :)

    And yes, make new friends and keep the old - I like that song too.

    Happy New Year!


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