Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Scrappin'

I thought I'd get these photos posted before I head off to the hospital this morning. This hasn't been the best week for scrapping, but I did manage to make two cards, one thank you and one get well/thinking of you. They were made in a hurry, though.

I started on one of the many birthday cards I need to make, and I also started on my altered tin (part of last weeks' challenge to try something new). It's going to be a Valentine's Day gift, so I have plenty of time. Next week's Sunday Scrappin' challenge is to use stickers. I can do that. Well, I can if I get some time to scrap. There is a weeks' worth of mail to go through, a house that needs cleaning, stacks of grading and paperwork to do for school, my son's science fair project to help with, bills to pay, errands, etc. Oh, and I need to go to the hospital to be with my mom. I may not get any of the other things done, but I am going to do that now.

If you are a digital scrapbooker, traditional scrapbooker, or paper crafter of any kind, please join us for Sunday Scrappin'.


  1. hope all is better with mom and take a breath.

  2. Your cards look great! Scrapping really is something that we have to make time for isn't it? I feel guilty scrapbooking if the house isn't 'clean enough' or I have other things on my list. I browsed through your other posts to see why your mother was in the hospital. I hope her health is improving and she has good doctors & nurses caring for her. Don't forget to take a breath and take care of yourself. ((hugs))

  3. Great cards I lovethw colors. Hope Mom is doing well. Keep us updated.

  4. Your cards are really nice, sometimes the simple ones are the best. Continued prayers for you, your mom and your family.

  5. Pretty cards. Continued prayers for you and your mom, hope today is a much better day for you 2. I know its hard but remember to take time for yourself also.

  6. Keeping you and mom in my prayers! You manage to create beautiful things even in a rush!!

  7. The cards are great! I wish the best for your mom.

  8. ahhh - I was in a dither earlier making a birthday card for my son - I forgot you scrapped -
    would have had plenty of ideas!

    Wish your mom a better day tomorrow - hugs and prayers.


  9. I haven't done Sunday Scrappin forever! I need to get back into it. I kinda stopped scrapping over the break, but I'm getting back into it now and got two pages done this week! I LOVE the brown and aqua combo on these cards! I need to get that scalloped circle punch. It looks so cute behind another plain circle!

  10. Those are so cute :)

  11. you are so amazing!
    go into the card bus. Di!
    hope and pray mom is doing well today.

  12. hurry or not they are both very nice...hope mom is doing better today.

  13. Diana, your cards are gorgeous. I have always loved the brown and blue/aqua colour combo.

    I hope your mum is feeling better, take time out for you sweetie. The housework will always be there but you need to take time for you and your mum right now.

  14. Very Nice cards!
    I am praying for your mom!
    May you have a blessing week XD
    Take Care!

  15. I do need to get in on Scrappin Sunday! and yes, you need to be with your mom.. hope she's improving! Take care of you too!


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