Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thursday 13

This is my 3rd time to participate in the NEW edition of Thursday 13! Today I am going to list 13 words that start with the first letter of my first name D. These are either descriptions of me or words on my mind at the present moment. Fairly random thoughts! I'm randoming today.

1. Dad - I miss him. It's been over 4 years since his death, but not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I still don't think I've properly grieved for him, either.

2. Daughter - I am trying to be a good daughter to my mom, espcially with all she's gone through medically lately. Plus, I have a daughter who has a twin brother. And I have two step-daughters

3. Daughter-in-law - My step-son is finally going to marry the mother of his twins. They are getting married in March in Vegas. Hubby and I are two of the select few invited.

4. Dependable - People with whom I have worked with on teams might describe me as dependable. I'm an efficient person who does what she says she is going to do.

5. Dowry - I had to explain this to my class today as we began reading "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I suppose it's a good thing that dowries aren't offered to men in our country. I wonder if that custom still exists in other nations.

6. Diamonds - I would like to have a small pair of diamond stud earrings. Maybe hubby will get themf or me one day.

7. Dent - I have a dent in the back of the chrome part of my 4Runner. I backed into a pole in a parking lot. My son was with me and never lets me forget it.

8. Date - With mine and hubby's hectic schedules lately, we're going to have to set up a date if we ever want to actually see each other alone any time soon.

9. Dog - the dog smells pretty bad right now. I wonder how much I'd have to pay the kids to get one of them to give him a good bath?

10. Dentist - I need to schedule dental appointments for the whole family, and while I'm there, get the name of an orthodontist for my 12 year olds.

11.Disappear - I don't understand how come spoons and forks just disappear from the house! Do the older girls use them to eat on the way to school and then leave them there? I had 12 soup spoons three years ago. Now I can find two. Ridiculous!

12. Diaper - I truly feel sorry for the woman who had 8 babies and all those diapers she is going to have to change.

13. Delicate - I always wanted to be one of those delicate women - you know the ones - delicate body, delicate hands, delicate voice, even a delicate attitude. That is not meant to be for me.

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  1. Ha ha ha, I like your #12! I agree!

  2. EIGHT BABIES???? Holy Cow! Diapering one at a time was enough for me! Yeah, and I am really with you on that whole delicate thing. Not my style at all. Fun list, happy TT!

  3. I too feel sorry for that poor lady, I hope all your bubba's survive and strive.

    You have been tagged. Check my blog for more information.

    P.S. I promise it is a good tag.

  4. leave him little notes that diamonds are a girls best friend. valentines day is coming soon.

  5. Yea, it's hard to lose people you love and yes, I can't imagine 8 babies. Wow. Happy TT!

  6. I soooo hear you on number 11. It drives me insane. Fun list!
    Happy T13!

  7. Good idea for a TT. You are lucky your name starts with D, mine would be impossible!

  8. I didn't play this today. Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

    Your silverware gets lost, too??? I don't get it. You use it, you put it in the sink. You wash it. You put it away. I don't get it. :P

    We've gotten into a bad habit of not eating at the table. Used to be we'd eat every night at our desks while playing World Of Warcraft. Now that we're in the living room with the PS2, the coffee table get used more.

    Last night I made spaghetti. I set the dining room table, complete with candlelight, and turned off most of the lights.

    We "dish up" our plates in the kitchen. Hubby always goes first. He fixed his plate headed off as I fixed mine. I kept waiting for him to say awwww or something. He didn't.

    He'd gone straight to the coffee table. LOL! I said look at the table. He said OH! and sheepishly relocated.

    (He said he hadn't noticed.. that he wondered why it had gotten darker, though. :P)

  9. Couldn't we all use some diamonds;)

    Hey, I got some good tips on the Twitter post. You wanted me to let you know:)

  10. Nice! I am sorry about your father, and the diamonds! ;)

  11. LOL...I can so relate to #11!

    Nice list. Happy TT!

  12. delicate...that will never be me, either! lol!

    I left you an award at my tt.

  13. I just had to bribe the hubby to bathe the dog. He was GROSS!

  14. I am always asking,where all of the spoons and forks have disappeared too, just like the missing socks!

  15. Isn't having a "D" name deliciously divine?

    Loved your list!

    It's time for the kids dental appts. too. Ick. If you want, I'll give you the name of my kids' orthodontist. They really like him. I've never met him. Hubby takes them and he really likes him as well.

  16. Good list!

    The woman who had 8 babies will make so much money from endorsements, advertising etc that she will be able to pay t have someone change the diapers for her! And I bet she'll get the diapers free as well!

  17. Fun list - I wish I had gotten paid for all the baths I gave the dog when I was a kid. It's been almost 16 years for me since my dad died and some days it feels like yesterday! I hope your mom is feeling better.

  18. do u know one of the many reasons I love your blog Diane? You always hit on things that are sooo relatable! I was down to only 4 tsp.s! FOUR for a family of five! I swear these kids are throwing them out when they dump out there food!
    I had to buy a whole new set AGAIN!
    OH and I also have two stinky dogs and 5 sets of teeth that need cleanings!! haha

  19. You need to drop hints to your DH that valentines day is coming up and diamonds are a girls best friend. I too feel bad for that women with the 8 babies, WOW!!!

  20. Thanks for sharing your list of D's. We have a lot in common. Maybe next week I will join in the group if that's ok.

    PS My Dh is still waiting & a wishin' on the dowry

  21. Loved the list. I'd like to know what happens to the silverware,as well. It's kind of like socks. They just get up and walk away!

  22. who is that lucky woman who has eight babies?

    I'm wishing for your diamond to come :)


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