Friday, January 30, 2009

Say it Forward Week 2

Welcome to my "Say it Forward" post, a new weekly carnival of fun started by none other than 5 Minutes for Mom. They are giving us a chance to recognize one of our loyal commenters, so I wish to tell you about a special lady who comments on most of my blog posts, one who I also know I can turn to for advice or a shoulder to whine on. (Click the link to view other say it forward posts or to join in! It's fun!)

This week's loyal commenter on Forgetfulone is an amazing blogger. She makes me laugh, and occasionally makes me cry. Her posts are insightful and humorous at the same time. She can take a mundane topic and turn it into something fun to read. Recently, this fabulous blogger returned from a tropical vacation, and we, her readers, are all so envious, but she soooo deserved it.

Tammy at Queen Sized Funny Bone - Thanks for the laughs. And thanks for the great comments! I know I can count on you when I really need someone to be there. You're a special lady. Take your virtual crown and sash and take the walk down the runway as Bert Park sings... "There she is!" Oh, wait. That's Miss America. Well, just take your virtual crown and sash and take a walk, then! Just kidding. Trying to develop a sense of humor like yours which I admire! You're a blessing out here in blogland.

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  1. I wil take that crown and sash and waddle my tan ass down the runway naked because I am 50 now and can do anything I want...thank you so much I am genuinely touched by you and all my bloggy friends.

  2. Tammy deserves every award as do u Diane!
    We would all be so lucky to have even half the sense of humor that she does!
    say it forward is a great idea!

  3. LOL I had a giggle at the Miss America comment.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Diana what a sweet tribute to Tammy. I had my comment all thought out and then I read Tammy's comment and am still LMAO, but then again she lived to your tribute. I LOVE A LADY WHO TELLS IT LIKE IT IS!


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