Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday Scrappin'

Welcome to my Sunday Scrappin' post! If you're a scrapbooker (traditional or digital) or you do any type of paper crafts, please join us!

I got a lot of pages (12) completed this week by keeping things simple. I've got so much to do that I realized I just have to get some of it done. I didn't use any fancy techniques or tons of embellishments. The name of the game was Get Er Dun.

I participated in the 52 Sketches challege. It's the 3rd photo down, the left page.

I have about 4 or 5 pages left to complete my 2001 album, then I will officially be 7 years behind on my yearly albums. I've taken breaks to do some school photo pages as well as a wedding album and a Colorado vacation, but I really need to get caught up! I am going to start on Disney and Arizona soon. I've actually done one Arizona page, but there are many to do. I need to re-organize my 2002 photos.

I have to complete a thank you card to give to someone at work this week. I've already started on it. I need to make three birthday cards before the end of the month and a get-well-soon card. Since I'm back to work starting tomorrow, I won't have a lot of time.

Last week's challenge was to use the rest of some supply we already had in our stash. I didn't complete that challenge because I have too much stuff!

This week's challenge: Try a new technique... use a new supply... whatever you'd like, but do something that's new for you.

Please pray for my mom as she undergoes cancer surgery Wednesday to remove a portion of her lung.

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  1. Your mom is in my thoughts and prayers. Congrats on getting so much done this past week! Way to go!!! Love the second layout with all the photos and I love how it doesn't looked cramped or "overdone" it looks very clean and fresh and not distracting to the eye. Well done!!! You reminded me I have to go through my disney box and I may have some embellishments and stuff for you. If you need anything cut out from the cricut let me know (I have the mickey & friends, both princess carts and pooh & friends).

  2. you have been busy! WTG!
    Prayers for your Mom on Wednesday and everyday! Keep us up to date!


  3. Your pages are great!

    You and you're mom will be in my prayers.

  4. Four years ago my daughter had 2/3rds of her right lung removed because of a tumour that thank the Lord turned out to be benign...scary time ...I will be praying for your family.

  5. Your pages look wonderful. You should know that I am more behind than you are in doing my scrap pages. Ugghh can't wait for my house to be done so I can get started finally on some projects of my own.

  6. I love the Get Er Done attitude. I adopt it quite often lately. I also find myself going back and adding special touches when I'm all caught up which hasn't been in some time now)! Your pages look great!

  7. Beautiful layouts and photos!

    I'll keep your mother in my prayers. Happy New Year - see you soon - Kellan

  8. Yay for progress!! I've got lots of "get er done" pages to do too! lol Have a scrap happy year!

  9. I really like the Santa one at the end. Too Cute!

  10. My eyes were turning green on the scrapbook pages. However I calmed down knowing that you were 7 years behind. I am only 9, ok maybe 11:) I spent Christmas '07 & New Year '08 in the hospital with my Dad, due to that dang cancer-Hugs to you & your mom.My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.

  11. Those look fabulous! I wish I had the time and talent to do them. Lord knows I have enough pictures laying around that need a place!


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