Tuesday, April 22, 2008

These Dreams

Sometimes I have the strangest dreams, and they are soooooo vivid! Sometimes my dreams feel like they've actually happened in real life, and I will go through the day carrying the resulting emotions as though it did happen, even though I know it didn't. I'm not really sure if I want to know what this means or not. Probably too freaky!

Last week, for instance, I dreamed I was sitting on my stool at the front of my class reading to them. No big deal, right? The problem was that a student pointed out that I had chewing gum stuck between my teeth. The dream was so vividly real down to the detail of the appearance of the classroom and individual students and their reactions, not to mention my embarrassment.

Shortly after returning from our Disney World trip last month, I dreamed my mom and I, along with my 11 year old twins, were going on a gigantic, red roller coaster bigger and taller than any roller coaster that possibly could exist. We boarded the coaster and proceeded to pass through several parking lots, over a field, and many minutes later finally reached the beginning of the ride, all while actually seated on the coaster.

We then had to wait a long time for our coaster's turn to go up the first steep incline. As the ride lurched, sending us skyward, my heart must have skipped a few beats. The plunges, twists, loops, forwards and backwards, gave me a heart-stopping scare and made me feel like we would surely die. I believed we were still on the roller coaster when I awoke.

What was that all about? It felt so real! And my mom would never get on a baby roller coaster, let alone this mammoth! She has back problems, among other things. What I thought strangest was the walk we had to take to get to the boarding line as well as the coaster travelling through parking lots and fields just to get where it was supposed to start. It's just crazy!

What are your vivid dreams, or do you have any? More to come later, I'm sure, like have you ever had repetitive dreams?


  1. wowzer thats quite a dream there.

    i have one kind of reacurring dream that i have had for as long as i can remember. i am painting rooms. over and over, painting, painting, painting.

    recently in the last few years i am searching frantically for a lost baby...searching everywhere. i usually eventually yell out "i can't find the baby" that wakes my husband up and he wakes me...and still it felt sooooo real. bizarre.

  2. I always dream of this same house. I recently learned my father dreams in the same house. Weve never been there in reality. Creepy.

  3. I rarely remember my dreams. I do know when I've had a bad one though, because I wake up feeling....funny? scared? confused? Not sure what the right word is.

  4. I am the same way with dreams. I'll dream something about my husband and I, and I'll feel good about him all day. Or every once in a while I'll dream that we have a fight, and I'm miffed at him all day. He hates that! :-)
    TTYS - Sniz

  5. I have lots of dreams too and some of them are re-occurring. A lot of them feel so real, like I'm right there to the point that when I dream of spiders, I go running out of the room in the middle of the night. I enjoyed this post :)

  6. I thought the story about roller coaster was real, until you said 'awoke'
    when I was in college I had a repetitive dream. not exactly repeated. but it was always about me running half flying about 3 feet above the ground. and in my dream I wandered to many palces, savannas, desert or just streets in a neighborhood. but I never had it any more, I guess since the time I got married.

  7. Many, many, many vivid dreams I have. (Went Yoda there for a moment, didn't I?) Oftentimes, it feels as though I got no sleep @ all...


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