Thursday, April 17, 2008

That Little Thing We Like to Call the Blogroll

Have you taken a look at your blogroll lately? You know... that area of your sidebar where you list your favorite or frequently visited blogs?

I am making some changes to mine - adding some people whose blogs I frequent often and have never gotten around to adding them. If I am supposed to add you, or if you'd like to link each other, just let me know. This led me to some questions I'd like to ask of all of you.

1. How often do you change your blogroll?

2. What is it that makes you want to add someone or take someone out?

3. Do you add only people who add you, or do you add them even if they don't reciprocate?

4. And, last, how much time do you spend looking at other people's blogrolls and following their links?

Feel free to answer any or all of the questions, or just leave a quick comment if you'd like. I'll compile all the opinions I get for a later post.


  1. To answer your questions: I change my blogroll when I'm thinking about it and I come upon a blog I've been to before or happen to like. I then add them. I add people that I enjoy reading. I've taken people out that have asked to be taken out in order to limit who visits their blogs (without having to go private). I've also taken people off that I don't keep up on or I feel like I'm stalking or whatever. I add people that don't add me though. As for your last question, I sometimes look at other people's blog rolls when I have some time to sit and browse. This isn't too often though as I'm always having kids to attend to :)

    I hope you are doing good!

  2. 1. How often do you change your blogroll?
    I wish I was a finiky as a grade 3 girl in listing (and unlisting)people...but I am like the old grey-haried nitty, I have not updated since the turn of the century!!!!

    2. What is it that makes you want to add someone or take someone out?
    3 different criteria:
    - I read their blog on a regular basis...better add you to my blog roll!
    - I get something out of the particular blog though I may not comment ...better add you to my blog roll!
    - the person has started to visit my blog on a routine basis and leaves me comments ...better add you to my blog roll!

    OK - I am going to go now and update my blog roll!

    3. Do you add only people who add you, or do you add them even if they don't reciprocate?
    Nope...maybe they do not like my blog, but I like theirs!!!!

    4. And, last, how much time do you spend looking at other people's blogrolls and following their links?
    I do click around other people's blog rolls...especially if a name jumps out at me...but I also like to click through comments left on other cool blogs and hoep to find some gems that way.

    thanks for sharing...and thank you for the kick in the butt to update my list!!!!

  3. I change my blogroll when I find I am reading a blog on a regular basis. I have never taken anyone out. But I do add without asking. I have you on my blogroll and I am not on yours (I would like to be though)so yes I add those who do not reciprocate. I do go to other peoples blog rolls a few times a week to search for new bloggs to try.

  4. My blogrolls are down except for the Meme ones so they can be overhauled. I realized I needed to come up with a better way to get them on track, and I got yelled at for removing the Magnificent Mamas.
    So, once I get settled from my move I plan to redo mine.
    I add people if I read them, or find them to have enough content to their blog to be interesting...the Magnificent Mamas though I try to give exposure to moms, who want it.
    I check out blogrolls quite often.

  5. I change mine whenever it strikes my fancy! I will usually only remove someone if their blog takes a long time to load, or if it freezes up my computer. (you'd be surprised how many do!) I don't think it has to be "I'll add you if you add me". I have people on mine who don't have me on theirs, and that's okay with me. They are on mine because I like reading their's.

    Honestly, I hardly ever click on people on other's blogrolls. Mine is only so I can easily read the ones I enjoy. BUT, when people do a post about someone, I do usually check out the link, and have made many friends that way.

  6. 1. How often do you change your blogroll? Whenever I find a blog I want to go back to often. I can't remember where I saw you unless you're on my 'roll.

    2. What is it that makes you want to add someone or take someone out?
    The appeal of the blog. I've only taken one off the 'roll. That blog disappeared.

    3. Do you add only people who add you, or do you add them even if they don't reciprocate? I add anyone I want to be able to find again. Whether they add me is not an issue.

    4. And, last, how much time do you spend looking at other people's blogrolls and following their links? I haven't done much of this - I follow the linky's on some of the memes I participate in. Does that count?

  7. the only change I make to my blogroll is adding it. I have never deleted a link, not yet. and I can't tell how often I do it.
    I add someone that I think the blog is interesting to read.
    I don't care if they add me or not. well if they do, that would be nice of course.
    I visit people's blog who visit mine, much more than who don't.

    and I already have your name on my list long ago.

  8. I recently (2 months ago or so) updated mine, but it needs it again. I find it hard to keep it accurate, but do the best I can. It usually doesn't matter to me if I am on someone's blogroll - if I like their site, I put them on mine.

    I hope you've had a good weekend - thanks for having me on your roll - see you soon - Kellan

  9. Since my blogroll is on a separate page, I keep forgetting to update it. As for who's on it, they're the blogs I frequent the most. It's okay if I'm not on their blogroll. :-)

  10. I rarely update my blog roll. Sometimes I forget to add blogs that I love! Instead I go through the comments on other blogs and my own. I'm always playing catch up too, and read several posts at one time! I would never add someone because they added me, I add them so I have easy access. Blogs visits have been sporadic lately, I visit those who visit me first, except for Lucy, then my regulars after that. I value those who read me, and love to reciprocate, especially when on a time crunch! I have done a lot of lurking lately because I my blogging has been sparse. I like people to add me because they want to, not because they feel obligated!! Hope that helps, but I am all over the place on this one. I do check out a lot of links on art blogs though!

    Hugs Sherrie

  11. Hey Diane, I love that you've asked these questions! Am I too late to add my two cents??
    I FoRGOT I even had a blogroll till I read this post! ( well I guess nothing is too weird from me) I NEVER notice my own roll and that list is never clicked to visit the blogs I love. Instead I've been using google reader to try and not miss too many pposts.( I better look at my roll and see who is there)
    to answer Q#2- I only took off one blog, who I loved to visit, but She decided to go 'private only' and didn't send me the password. Even though I don't use mass doses of marijuana.... I immediately imagined she did it because she now must HATE ME! haha ( embarrassing but true)
    I've only added blogs I love reading whether they like me or not. I don't feel committed to reciprocate, BUT when I DO notice my name listed on someones blogroll , It actually makes me smile and feel appreciated and liked.(like I just felt, when I noticed I am on YOURS!) I DID notice that Rick at MyrtleBeachRamblings , HAD me at the top of the roll and NOW I'm way down on the list! haha I had to tease him about that one!
    to answer Q#4 - I usually enjoy clicking links in the comments area and NOT blogroll. If I find someones comment interesting, I think .."hey let me check out how interesting their blog must be"
    I am too late for your results post, but I hope you liked hearing from me. xo
    ( I wish I had more computer time to check out my google reader, then I wouldn't miss ANY of your excellent posts)


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