Sunday, April 06, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Argh! Don't you get so mad a blogger when you try to post, it doesn't work, and it wipes everything out?! Of course you do, if it's ever happened to you, and I'm willing to bet it has. And now...

Laura over at I'm an Organizing Junkie hosts Menu Plan Monday each week. It's not extremely exciting to plan a menu, or to write about it, but it helps me with both grocery shopping for the week and with staying organized in my busy life. Plus, posting it makes me stick to it! Click over to her blog for more menus and some great ideas.

Monday - Slow cooker chicken (made with boneless chicken breast, cream of mushroom soup, cream of celery soup, chopped onion, garlic powder, and a dash of burgundy cooking wine), penne pasta, French style green beans.

Tuesday – I’m going to try a new recipe called “Meal in One.” Click for the recipe if you’re interested. It’s a beef/potato/vegetable casserole, but the recipe sounds yummy.

Wednesday – Grilled hamburgers, au gratin potatoes, and probably corn, (I know! Two starches, but not everyone like potatoes, and not everyone likes corn. At least one of the two will please them all.)

Thursday – Busy night – dinner on the go!

Friday – Pizza night, as usual. Last week we ordered from Dominoes. We’ll probably go to a local pizza restaurant this time. I don’t like to cook after a long week of working, playing, and being the chauffeur and housekeeper.


  1. I love Potatoes au gratin. We haven't had it for a while, now the weather is colder I will have to include it. Have a great week.

  2. OH! how i admire your organization...


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