Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #23

13 signs you’re in need of counseling

1. If there is a major change in your life, good or bad.
2. If you self-medicate (alcohol, drugs, food, etc.)
3. If you have unexplained physical problems that may be arising from stress.
4. If you are depressed or anxious, and it doesn’t go away.
5. If you doubt yourself.
6. If you have low self-esteem.
7. If a child is experiencing stress due to your attitudes and behaviors.
8. If there is too much distance in your marriage or partnership.
9. If you just need to talk.
10. If you’re curious about the counseling process.
11. If you and your mate or partner have never had an argument.
12. If you’re uneasy, but you’re not quite sure what’s bothering you.
13. If you have any thoughts about hurting yourself or others, even emotionally.

Follow this link for some common sense information.

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  1. That's a very interesting perspective. I used to work for a counseling organization (in a lay capacity) and after that experience nothing on earth will ever make me see a counselor!

  2. hmmm...i can relate to feeling atleast 4 of those.

    gonna go think a few thinks...thanks for the list.

  3. Very informative.
    Are you okay?

  4. Interesting T-13. Totally unexpected.

  5. Very powerful and educating TT, and as I qualified it is a good thing I have a good psychiatrist and will be starting counselling in May.
    My TT is up darling.

  6. gee Diane, I better get the phone book out... :/

  7. Great list...I would only add that you have to find the RIGHT counselor...they are NOT all created equal...every person is different, there is NO one-size-fits-all in counseling. Keep looking until you find a counselor who works for you.

    Happy T-13!

  8. Interesting list. Informative, too.

    Happy TT!


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