Friday, April 11, 2008

Scrolling Saturdays

Join us for Scrolling Saturdays! This meme is hosted by Such Simple Pleasures and Manners and Moxie. All you do is dust off an old post and post it again!

This was originally written and posted September 30, 2007.


I am not powerful.
In fact, I feel exceedingly powerless most of the time.
I do not exert great power or force.
I am not physically strong beyond the ordinary.
I do not feel like I have the uncanny ability to move people with the power of my voice, speech, written word, or logic.
And I certainly don’t feel like I have great authority or influence.

However, I have powerful, strong emotions.
When I am hurt, I hurt deeply.
When I am in love, I love passionately.
When I am angry, I am completely angry.
When I am sad, I am inconsolable.
When I am afraid, I am profoundly afraid.
When I am content, I am genuinely satisfied.


  1. Outstanding. I may just have to join in on this meme.

  2. that was amazing!!!
    have a terrific weekend!

  3. That was beautiful!

    via Scrolling Saturdays

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for reposting this! Happy Saturday! :-)

  5. That was a powerful post! Beautiful!

  6. That was powerful reading! Well done (and I'm not even part of your scrolling saturday group! lol)

  7. Beautifully expressed. I feel like I know you more intimately now.

  8. I could have have written this....well said. I think you're probably more powerful than you think.
    TTYS - Sniz


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