Monday, April 14, 2008

Heads or Tails

This Tuesday meme is hosted by Skittles. It has its own home at Heads or Tails. Click on the link to see who else is participating. She offers up a heads or tails topic, and we come up with the rest. It's great fun!



TAILS - Anything that rhymes with Tip. (my choice)

Larger and larger grows each hip,
Probably because of the chip and
Or maybe it was that bite of cheese nip,
Or the strawberry shortcake with cool whip,
Oh, that milkshake, I only had a sip.
I couldn’t resist when I put it to my
I offer you this tiny little tip,
If the jeans are going to be able to
You might pass up these snacks and get a grip,
Or when you bend over, your jeans will rip,
Because larger and larger grows each hip.


Hootin' Anni said...

so true so true. But, but...I'm hungry now.

Mercedes said...

I LOVE it! This is soooooo true for me-especially now! Oh~I am wanting junk food-as usual! Thanks for visiting my HoTs>

Mercedes said...

p.s. I am hosting Scrumptious Sunday and Hump Day Humor at my other site Mercedes Rocks Come on over and check it out when you can.

Laane said...

Wonderful entry.

Welcome at my heads or tails:

:: here::

Have a great day!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Great poem, love it and your take on the theme. Mine is up @ The Cafe.

Jean at Penny Lane said...

That is really creative! I love it!
I have a "chipolicious" post. LOL

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Absolutely fantastic! (And true.) Much better than mine! Happy Tuesday. :)

Rambler said...

haha this was very funny :)

Shannon said...

Totally Awesome!

SaraLynn said...

Fantastic!!! LOL
I loved it :)

tumblewords said...

I read this three times, just for the fun of it! Love it! Still laughing - and I'll probably have to come back to read it again...

Raven said...

Painfully true. Well done!

Eve said...

Very clever!

Misty Dawn said...

Hehehehe - this really made me giggle. Very clever and cute.


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