Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scrolling Saturday

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This was originally posted on Sunday, December 30, 2007.

Now and then…

The sadness creeps up on me.

As fresh and raw as if it were yesterday.

I am empty with loss.

The earth sits motionless on its axis.

Now and then…I wish I could see your face again.

Talk to you.

Show you pictures.

Share your wisdom.

Record your memories.

I wonder how life would have been,If you had lived.

Now and then I wonder…Would different choices be mine these past few years?

The stories you could share,

The influence of your knowledge,

Your example for the grandkids,

And mom, a different person without you.

And now and then…I’m okay;

I’m strong;

I’m fine.

Now and then…I can forget the way you died.


Without warning,

Unanticipated and too soon.

And I know I can never forget.

But now and then, I won’t remember.

Mostly now, there’s a hole in the universe where you should be.
In Loving Memory of my Father

L. D. Rankin

3/14/35 – 10/10/04


  1. What a wonderful, heart-touching tribute. Thank you so very much for re-posting.

  2. That is a beautiful tribute to your father. You have touched my heart and my tear ducts.

  3. This is such a wonderful poem. Did you write it? I'd love be able to have it where I can read it everyday. I lost my mother suddenly and what you wrote are the exact thoughts I have frequently. Thank you for sharing this.


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