Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

My first day back to work (I'm a teacher) is tomorrow, and the students start Aug. 23. My twins are going to be in high school, and I can't believe it! 13 random thoughts about that...

1. Registration was yesterday. The kids picked up schedules and books and found their lockers and classes. They even took yearbook photos.
2. Tonight is orientation for parents.
3. Tomorrow is “fish camp.”
4. My daughter tells me she’s terrified. “They’re all giants, Mom!” (She’s not even 5’ tall yet.)
5. Dear daughter is afraid she’ll get stuck in a locker! I assured her she wouldn't (fingers crossed).
6. My son, her twin, says he’s not scared.
7. They are going to have to ride the bus for the first time since 3rd grade.
8. I can’t find the bus routes, times, or bus numbers anywhere on the school’s website.
9. I’ve already bought the basic school supplies, but I’m sure the teachers will ask for specific items.
10. My step-daughter (who lives with us, too) will be a senior this year, but she doesn’t go to the same school as the twins due to the way the area is zoned now.
11. There is a high school two miles from our home, but we are zoned to a school six miles away. Whose bright idea was that?
12. We’ve got most, if not all, of our back-to-school clothes.
13. In Texas, we have a sales tax holiday (no sales tax is charged on clothing, shoes, or supplies) for one weekend this month, but it’s the weekend right before the first day of school, and I hate to procrastinate. Besides, it’s only 8%. At most sales, I save more than that anyway.

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  1. I hope you have a good day back at school Diana, Im sure DD will be okay but I do understand her fears.

    Is her friends at the same school or the closer one?

  2. You all are early. We're about to leave town for our vacation.

  3. I have yet to do the dirty deed. School shopping. My girls are leaving for a week tomorrow with their Dad. I told them to work on him to get some of their things. Fingers crossed.
    Happy T13!

  4. It's back to school! I realized your summer is different from our country. We spend summer between April to June. Happy Thursday!

  5. LOL I'm in Texas too, and our schools sure are screwy like that!
    I can't believe it's back to school time already... time flies by too fast! (or not fast enough if you're ready for the kids to go back! haha)

  6. Last year was my daughter's first year of high school so I can relate to most of these. Try the school district's website for the bus schedules - that's where ours was located.

  7. Our tax free weekend was last weekend, and I avoided the stores. People get crazy! lol! My kids go back Monday, and I can not wait!

  8. I can't believe school is starting soon! UGH! And 13! Time flies. Mine are still young and I can't believe he is going into kindergarten! lol!

  9. Good luck to your and your twins! I hope all goes well.

  10. First days are hard for the kids (and the parents) no matter what, but they'll do awesome, they've got you!

  11. SOOOOOOOOOOO glad school is still weeks away for us!

  12. Back to school is such a scary and exciting time.

  13. We did our school shopping, but unfortunately, I listened to my husband when he suggested we mail the stuff home from leave rather than carry it with us. School starts in 3 days... I'm not very hopeful about it arriving.. sigh. Good luck with the start of HS! Big step :)

  14. Awe your poor daughter. I didn't hit 5' till highschool either (didn't go much past it either). I'm sure she will do great though! Totally dumb about the school zoning. I live in a tiny town so only one high school here.


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