Sunday, August 01, 2010

Monday Movie Meme

Molly at The Bumbles Blog hosts a weekly movie meme. Won't you join in?

Feature Presentation: Repeat After Me, or Highly Quotable Movies
Share lines from the movie(s) you most like to quote.

Madagascar (2005)

Skipper the Penguin says, "You didn't see anything." (This must be accompanied by the proper hand gestures in order to hypnotize your subject so they won't remember what they didn't see!)

Melman the Giraffe says, "Augh! Nature! It's all over me! Get it off!"

King Julian says, "Who wipes?" This is said in the movie after Alex the Lion says, "You mean like, uh, the "live in a mud hut, wipe yourself with a leaf" type wild?" This provokes fits of laughter in our family, especially if it's repeated when we are buying toilet paper.

King Julian says, "Welcome giant pansies. Please feel free to bask in my glow."

Julian says, "Where are you giants from?"
Alex the Lion says, "We're from New York."
Julian says, "All hail the New York Giants!"

King Julian says, "Can you not see you have insulted the freak?"

Marty the Zebra says, "This place is crackalacking!"

And my husband's all-time favorite Madagascar line:
King Julian says, "When the New York giants wake up, we must make sure they wake up in paradise. Now, who'd like a cookie?" (that last part!)

I hope you enjoyed our favorite lines from our frequently quoted movie.


  1. I have only just recently saw Madagascar and it was a cute movie.

  2. "I like to move it, move it" is my nephews favorite part of that movie!

    Also, you were one of the winners in my breyers giveaway, so send me your address when you get a sec. Thanks!

    And congrats!

  3. My Niece & my girls have started saying "All Hail... they usually say it to the baby & then it pretty much sounds like All Hell Aliya. oops, but funny too.


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