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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mamarazzi's Guilty Pleasures Swap


I'm once again participating in one of Mamarazzi's swaps, and I'm so excited! For this one, I'll be sending my partner some of the things that I consider "guilty pleasures." (Get your mind out of the gutter! This is a family blog!) Hmmm. What are the things that aren't necessarily good for me, and aren't necessary to live, but make me feel pampered? What are your guilty pleasures?


  1. woo hoo let the swapping begin...or at least the shopping for now.

    i am sure you will put together and amazing and creative package!

  2. My guilty pleasures are rich dark chocolate, scented candles, bubble bath, and a tabloid magazine.

  3. I didn't see this one - wish I had. Have fun with it.

  4. Hi!
    I am your Guilty Pleasures Swap partner!! I have not participated in this swap before, but am looking forward to it!


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