Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Cure

Cancer has been on my mind a lot lately since both my mother and mother-in-law were diagnosed with breast cancer within a week of each other. This is my mom's second go-round with cancer, the first being lung cancer for which she had surgery and chemotherapy about 18 months ago.

The truth of the matter, in my opinion, is that we are no closer to finding a cure for cancer now than we were in the 1970's. We can "treat" cancer (more about that topic later), but we can't cure it. Radiology, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are big business. What would happen to these industries if a cure were found?

Did you know that only about 16% of what you donate to "charity" actually goes to the cause? The rest includes overhead, advertising, salaries, and such. And which researchers, exactly, do the donations fund? Exactly what are they doing? I'm especially disheartened after reading this article from the Cancer Prevention Coalition. I'm afraid there may never be a cure for cancer found at the rate things are going now. Sorry to be such a downer. This is just weighing heavily on my mind lately.


  1. How frustrating! No worries about being a downer, this is a great venue to vent & we'll all be here to try & cheer you up when so much yucky stuff is going on in your life. My prayers are with both your mom & your mil.

  2. unfortunately the top always gets paid first. sad but true

  3. I read many of the same type of articles after my uncle was diagnosed with bone cancer. It is so discouraging that caring for others seems to always seems to get trumped by the all mighty dollar. I will keep them both in my prayers.

  4. Not a good thing...this is one of the major reasons I don't donate to the "santas" collecting money during the holidays. I've heard the person ringing the bell gets a percentage of what they bring in. Not sure if that's true or not, but it makes you wonder.

  5. how sad.
    my brother in law has a cancer in his sinus. he has to have surgery like every three months. the last surgery was last months. it was the biggest mass ever stayed in his sinus and has tarted to spread out.

    I pray for his health. he is predicted to only could stay alive two years from now :(


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