Thursday, August 05, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Come on in and chat for a while!

Isn't it great to have Rachel Anne back this month! I have to admit, I haven't done all of my small things this week, what with picking up registration packets for my twins (who are starting high school this year... augh!), medical tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, blook work, having a door put on the house, saving a dog by taking him in so he wouldn't go to the pound, dentist appointments, color guard equipment night, hair appointments, oh and about a "million" other things!

The end of summer is about as busy for me as the beginning of summer! July was peaceful, at least. Teachers return full time on August 13th. Why they're making us return on a Friday, I'll never understand! And I have a technology expo to go to this Monday. All in all, it has been such a fun summer! I hope yours has, too. When do your kids head back to school? Mine return on Aug. 23. I liked it better when we started earlier because we got out before Memorial Day. Now, our school year goes into June.

Thanks for visiting today. Have a look around my blog and see if there is anything else you'd like to read. I love to make new blog friends. Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my, that IS a busy week! Hopefully, once school begins everything will find its own routine.

  2. What a busy week! Good with the new dog. I hope he makes a good pet for your family. Have a great school year!

  3. My daughter and DIL are teachers also. They always love their summers but are "gearing down" and getting ready for a new year. Blessings to you for a wonderful school year. I know you are making a big difference in the lives of the kids you teach.

  4. I saw your comment that you were interested in the Message. I do have a paypal account. It is linked with this email address:

    If you will send me an email there, I will let you know how much shipping will be, then you can send me your shipping address to that email if you are still interested. I'm going to the post office today.

  5. Your week last week sounds like the week I have ahead of me. Except the adding a dog to the family part! Some weeks sure get hectic, don't they? My daughter is 13 but I'll be sending her to high school in another year & I certainly don't know where the time goes... My kids still have a month of summer left, as in MN you can't start before labor day unless you are granted special permission. By Sept 7th they will really be ready to go back!
    Enjoy the few days you have left before returning to school on Friday. That is crazy to have you start on Friday!


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