Monday, November 02, 2009

I am Woman

Hear me roar! (Anyone else remember that song by Hellen Reddy?)
The breakdown of how I spent the majority of my weekend...

2 hours chaperoning a school dance
12 hours at the hospital (over 2 days)
4 hours driving time to/from hospital (2 days)
1 hour cleaning at my mom's house

Now, of course, I did a few other things like making sure my children were fed and having Halloween fun, and picking them up from their activities. Sunday, after spending most of the day at the hospital, plus the hour drive out and the hour drive home, I had to stop on the way home to get a few household items. And when I got home I had to clean house. Change the cat litter, laundry, vacuum half the house (the kids did the other half), mop the downstairs, change the sheets in 2 rooms, and make 3 lunches for school. The I planned tomorrow's school lessons.

After this weekend, I was just pooped! But, wow! Didn't I accomplish a lot?


  1. you DID accomplish a lot! but I think the whole point of her song was that we should ROAR for our independence! NOT be knocked down on the floor... (can't remember the exactwords) and NOT do all this Sh** for everyone else!! What did u accomplish for Diane?? That's what helen reddy would ask you girlfriend?? I think we women ARE amazing and able to handle incredible amounts of work,love,responsibilities.. but we are all forgetting to nurture ourselves.
    xoxo (all said with the utmost love and respect)

  2. I remember, not to date myself though! I bet going back to work this morning seemed relaxing after that weekend.

  3. Wow, you did to a lot! Kudos to you! Our weekend was pretty busy too, so I hear ya! : )


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