Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday 13

This week's Thursday 13 is brought to you by Brainy History, which is a really fun website!
Today is November 5. Here are 13 people who were born on November 5.

1902 - Strom Thurmond, polictician from South Carolina
1911 - Roy Rogers - Happy Trails to You!
1912 - Natalie Schaeffer of Gilligan's Island fame (Lovey).
1913 - Vivien Leigh of Gone with the Wind fame.
1913 - John McGiver, actor, from the Patty Duke Show and the Jimmy Stewart Show.
1931 - Ike Tuner (Tina Turner's infamous husband and record producer).
1938 - Chris Robinson, actor, from General Hospital and Another World.
1941 - Art Garfunkel of Simon and Garfunkel fame. Anyone hear the Sound of Silence?
1942 - Elke Summer, German actress. Anyone else remember her?
1956 - Mike Score from Flock of Seagulls, famous 80's one-hit-wonder type band.
1959 - Bryan Adams, singer. We're in Heaven...
1963 - Tatum O'Neal, actress (Paper Moon), wife of John McEnroe.
1974 - Jerry Stackhouse, guard for the Dallas Mavericks, NBA.

How many of these names are you familiar with?
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  1. Who knew? Wonder how old some of them are.

    Have a great day!

  2. Well, I guess I'm not totally clueless, I knew who 8 of them were just by reading their names. There were a couple others that once I read you description I knew. The others, well, what can I say.

    Calico Contemplations


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