Monday, November 30, 2009

The Queen's Meme

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This meme is called The Shopping Madness Meme (aka The Naked Mannequin Saga),
hosted by Mimi, Queen of Memes, at Bloggingham Palace.

1. My favorite item to shop for is electronics because, quite frankly, I love all things technology: computers, printers, cases, components, software, etc. (Just so you know, my least favorite thing to shop for is groceries!)

2. Quality vs. Price: I will buy off-brand items, depending on what category I am shopping. For example, I don't have to have Sony if Acer is cheaper. I don't have to have Samsung if Vizio is less expensive. Same thing with clothing: I don't have to have name brands. I'll wear tees and sweaters from WalMart or Target to save money. It's all in what your priorities are. One thing I refuse to buy off brand is Meal Kits such as Hamburger Helper. The store brand isn't the same! But on medications and hair care, I can sacrifice the quality for the price.

3. I have never asked a sales person to hold the last item for me because I am not assertive enough to do so. If it's the last one, I will get it right then and there if I want it. The only thing that would cause me to ask the salesperson to save the last item was if it was for a gift, and I couldn't actually purchase it right at that time. I haven't had to do this, though.

4. I'm usually an alone-shopper because I can get more done in a shorter amount of time if I go by myself. The only time I might ask a family member to come with me is to help with groceries, but I usually end up getting things I hadn't planned to get if someone accompanies me. But actual shopping? I like to get it done by myself.

5. The dressing room is for trying on clothes. I don't go into the fitting room for any other purpose.

6. The only salespeople that irritate me by following me around are those at furniture stores. Usually, in any other shopping establishment, there aren't enough employees to help me, much less bother me and follow me around.

7. I would like to establish a store called "Forgetfulone's Fabulous Finds." I would carry a variety of household items, clothing, shoes, electronics, and unique gift items that I would hand-pick myself.


  1. i hate electronics they are always hard for me to grasp.

  2. I love the name of your store! We are going to have an eclectic Mall.

  3. I like number 6. Nothing bugs me more than pushy sales assistants thta won't just let me look without having to follow me around and ask if they can help. lol


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