Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Movies Meme

Feature Presentation!

This week's Monday Movies Meme, hosted by The Bumbles Blog, is all about VICTORY! Here are some movies focusing on champions, victories, and winners.

The first one that comes to mind is Remember the Titans. "Denzel Washington plays Herman Boone, who is hired as the T.C. Williams High football coach over a white coach in Alexandria, Virginia in the early 1970's during a time when the school has just been integrated to allow blacks into the school. As the season progresses the team's success caused the community to accept the changes." Victory in more ways than one!
Another movie about winners is The Women. "The sweet, happily-wedded Mary Haines finds her marriage in trouble when shop girl Crystal Allen gets her hooks into Mary's man. She works her way through this rough patch with the support of her friends and family by finding out what she really wants out of life, instead of just living out the life she feels was assigned to her." With an all-star, all-female cast, and a well-done movie women can feel good about in the end, I think this one is a winner!

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  1. i like remember the titans too!

  2. Remember the Titans is a good one! I've been meaning to see The Women, the original version.

  3. What an interesting take on The Women! I've seen both versions and enjoyed the remake, too. Glad to see I wasn't alone.

  4. I included Titans on my list as well. I love that movie! My post is HERE.

  5. I don't think I've seen either of those, but they sound like they'd be good to check out. Thanks!

  6. Oh this is too funny. Andy has been traveling for work lately, and he was just telling me over the weekend how he found himself watching this chick flick in his hotel room one night because nothing was on TV. He said it was OK for that kind of movie. It was The Women! Just wait until I tell him you included it on your list ;0)


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