Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fill 'er Up!

Remember that? "Fill 'er up!" I wonder how many of you are old enough to remember "filling stations?" Translated for the younger folks, that's a full-service gas station. An attendant actually came out to your car, asked how much gasoline you needed, filled your tank, washed your windows, and checked under your hood. Those were much slower times when people weren't always in a hurry like we are now. Reminds me of this song (which reminds me of my Dad, too.)

My husband and I took this picture of some vintage filling station pumps in Arizona last summer.

Today I found a "virtual" museum of gasoline station history. There are some great filling station images that will really bring back memories for some of us.

On a final note, my sister had a green, stuffed, Sinclair dinosaur that she used to carry around everywhere until its neck broke and its head fell off! My parents tried to replace it with a new one, but she would have none of that!

This was a fun post to write - brought to you by Heads or Tails where today's topic is "fill" or "Phil."

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  1. We just called them garages in the UK. You got real service. I'm amazed at how easily the consumer got suckered into doing so much for himself nowadays, such as self-service supermarkets, flat-pack furniture, etc. Barnum was right when he said there was one born every minute.

  2. I remember the garages that were attentant serviced, they always were up for a chat and if you had any problems they'd look at your car for you.

    It is sad to see how different everything is now.

  3. Yes, I AM old enough to remember those 'filling stations'! And I wish sometimes they'd return to our culture...along with having them check the oil, and tires and washing the windshields. Ahhhhhhh, the good life!

    But I can say this: I did a PHIL and a FILL also.

    Stop by, won't you? Happy Tuesday.

  4. I was reminiscing with my MIL about those gas stations last week!!!

    We saw a Sinclair station out west on vacation. I didn't know they were still around.

    *singing* I miss Mayberry.. :)

  5. i know can you imagine if we had fill her uppers here now. we wud have to have about 10 staff on at a time lol

    like the new christmas header ;)

  6. I wish times were slower now. I still am young enough to remember when there was no shopping on Sundays...and I wish it was still that way.....We still have some of those gas stations around here, but not many..

  7. I'm old enough to remember the full-service stations. There's been many a cold, windy morning since I've been grown that I'd gladly have paid a little extra for the gas if only someone would come out and pump it for me! I haven't seen a full-service station in a long time, that's for sure.

  8. Hey i was searching everywhere for a full service station because I have trouble pumping with my arthritic hand.

  9. That reminds me of the tiger theme some of the stations had. Put a tiger in your tank!

  10. Oh you brought back some good memories. I miss the old days when they filled my tank and checked all my fluids!

  11. Oh, yes, do I remember the full service stations. And miss them, miss them. Nostalgia, here! Great post!

  12. It's really tough for the disabled and disabled to pump gas. My kid's had to learn before they should of had to. Sad!

  13. I still call them filling stations! My mom was probably the last hold-out for full-service. Now she has my daddy fill her car for her, because she doesn't know how to do it (and doesn't want to!).

  14. Full service...wow, you're right. Those were simpler times. Love the snow fall on your blog, BTW.

  15. we still have those around here...man do I live in the hicks...lol


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