Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

I didn't have a crafty week. I set a goal to do six pages, and I did none! I changed my blog header, though. I'm not sure if I like it yet. I think it's too much blue.

On a brighter note, I received a memory mates carousel (and some other scrapbooking goodies) for Christmas, so I spent a lot of time organizing my scrap space. Now, it's time to get some scrapbooking done!
My favorite crafty "ta-da" of this season was my holiday planner. It sure wasn't fancy, but it was a lifesaver! I will definitely have one next year, and the one thing I will do differently is have a better pocket (or maybe more than one) to hold receipts. I made my own pocket at the back of the planner, but it wasn't very sturdy. I had a section for card-sending and addresses, gift ideas, gift lists, and parties & swaps. On my gift list, I highlighted the gifts as I wrapped them so I could keep track of my progress and make sure I didn't "forget" to wrap a gift. My planner was perfect for my needs.

Amy asks us to tell about crafty gifts we gave this year. Throughout the year, I made digital scrapbook pages using Smilebox. I printed them out, put them in clear sleeves, and clipped them in a cute binder. I made a title page and gave it to my mom as a gift. She loved it! I also made quite a few cards and gift tags, and I used them all. I think I will get an earlier start next year.

The Sunday Scrappin' challenge this week is to use up the last of any supply in our stash. Should be interesting! If you're a crafter, please join us next week!

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  1. Organizing scrapbook supplies is almost as much fun as scrapbooking. I like my planner this year as well. I like the idea of highlighting the gift once it is wrapped.

  2. Ohhh... I'd never seen that carousel before, now I'm off to look for it on eBay. I have Christmas money to spend, and organizing my craft stuff is at the top of my priority list! :)

  3. Me again. :) You're welcome for the linky love... and I was serious about loving that carousel. I'm going to an office supply store later today for something else, and I think I'll see if I can find something similar there. Otherwise, I might just have to order that one online! ;)

  4. Do you keep most of your scrapbooking for yourself or do you make them and give them to family and friends?

  5. Your new header is very minimalist and clean looking. Perfect for an organized lady such as yourself. And a very crafty accomplishment.

  6. Hi there! Just stopped by to say "Merry Christmas" and that I need to get scrappin' again. I haven't done any in a month or so... I am TERRIBLY behind! Too much blogging these days!

    Happy New Year too! : )

  7. Would love to learn more about your holiday planner! What does the inside look like? I found myself stumbling over myself again even as December started (and it only got worse from there!)and would love to set a plan in place so next year will be oh so very different.

  8. Love the blog header, very clean and fresh looking. Happy new Year!


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