Friday, December 05, 2008

Declutter Friday

My biggest decluttering project this week was the file cabinet. How does it become such a mess so quickly? Take a look at the stack I had to shred!

My husband has a tendency to think we should keep every receipt, bill, piece of mail, etc. that we ever get, but he doesn't put them where they belong, so it's left to me, and I have to say that we will never need some of the things he wants to keep. Do we really need a receipt for the glasses he bought two years ago? I thought I was a pack-rat! So don't tell him, but I threw away a lot of things he would've kept. The file cabinet is cleaned out for now. Now, f I could just stay on top of the filing, this won't happen!
Also got rid of a tee shirt, coat, sweater, and some papers from my children's younger school days that I didn't really need to continue to hang onto.
I hope you'll visit Organising Queen and consider joining us for De-clutter Friday. All it takes is the will to want to de-clutter at least one thing a day.


  1. oh, well done on your paper decluttering. That is definitely my favourite type!

    And your blog looks oh-so-pretty :)

    Thanks for playing along - I think you and I need to go "tag" some of our old decluttering friends, what do you say? LOL

  2. YIPPEE....
    Did you know you won over at Laurie's page?!?!

    I'm so glad you went over and said hi!!! =)

  3. You got rid of a lot of paper. I hang on to receipts too.

  4. I shredded paper for an hour last weekend. It's amazing how the papers can collect!

  5. I'm such a clutterbug myself ... working to simplify my surroundings that I probably should join your Friday group. That said ... since I write Haiku on Fridays and participate in Sky Watch too, that would be an added challenge, but I'll give it some thought because I could use the example, support and encouragement. Congrats on your progress. I can't find the post with the cute kitty sleeping on your bed, but I loved it ... and I'm keeping your mom in my prayers.

  6. haha, the filing cabinet seems to breed here too. lol

    Good on you for tackling the papers.


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