Friday, May 27, 2022

Wreath Crafting


Recently I have made two deco mesh wreaths using the "curly method" and 6 inch deco mesh. 

The first one was somewhat of a challenge (in a Facebook group) to use materials from Dollar Tree, so I didn't have much color choice. I hit the store when they were low on mesh, and these are the colors they had. I think these colors make it harder to see the details.  I added a bow made with ribbon I had on hand and tiny paper flowers.  It's hanging on my mom's door now.

The second one was a challenge just to myself to see if I could make the alternating red/white stripes with the blue area like the American flag. I've seen wreaths like this and thought they were pretty, so I tried it.  I added stars to the blue area and gave this one to my daughter.

The curly method makes a cute wreath but it is much more time consuming than the "bubble method" because you have to cut every roll of mesh into 7 inch pieces first.  Then you roll each piece and take 3 or 4 of them and twist them together before you actually twist them on to the wreath.  I had made one like this for Halloween a few years ago, and I had forgotten how much more time it took.

My next challenge to myself is a deco mesh flower petal wreath.  Also, I won't make it a habit of purchasing Dollar Tree mesh because, although it's only $1.25 a roll, that's not much less than a half price sale at the hobby shops, and the quality is 
noticeably different.  I have to finish my first (and probably last) quilt before I make another wreath... or anything else!

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