Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Happy and Random


It feels nice to be back home.  I loved every minute of my time away, but there's just something about home.  It's... home!

We spent two nights in the cutest cabin in Granbury.  I highly recommended Cabin on the Ridge if you ever get a chance to visit this historic town.  I spent three nights at my daughters.  I made a patriotic wreath for her and started on a flower wreath.

She drove back with me and spent two nights here.  My mom was happy to see both of her grandkids. So, as of yesterday, things are getting back to normal.

I've been reading a really long book, and I can't wait to finish it.  It just keeps dragging on.  It's always difficult choosing what to read next.  Do you use Goodreads?  I couldn't keep up with all of my book information without it! I whiddled my "want to read" list from 143 to 106 books, and I got a free book using Book Bub.  Check it out if you've never heard of it.

Now, back to normal.  Supporting my sister as she deals with chemo and hair loss and a dozen other side effects and trying to care for mom in assisted living, and they are not providing much assistance.  My blood pressure has been on the high side. My shoulder hurts terribly ALL. THE. TIME, not to mention my hands as well.  And genetic test results are coming up in just over a week.  Plus, a few other stressors. Like I said, normal.

Let's lighten up a little.

Puns are the best!

And last, but not least...

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Have a great week!


  1. Life is stressful but stress is not a good thing. Remember to try not to worry about things that are out of your control and you don't know how they will be anyway, like test results. Take things one day at a time. Make a plan for each day and it will help ease the stress, especially on days that are full of things that must be done. It is not easy, but you need to reduce stress.

  2. I used to have a bob cat. She ran away and now my neighbors have a whole lot of bob cats.

  3. Lots of prayers for you and your family.


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