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Tribes (A. Scott Fenney Book 4)Tribes by Mark Gimenez
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


I was so so so disappointed in this book! I usually LOVE Mark Gimenez and put him on level with John Grisham, but he let me down so much. This book is part sex, part politics, and part diatribe. There is only a scant amount of drama and the story is so predictable. And there are way too many uses of "whereas" in this book. The first few times, it was cute. Not anymore.

This is book number 4 in a series.  A. Scott Fenney is a Federal Judge who leaves his judgeship to represent his former lover who is accused of manslaughter in the death of an 11 year old boy during a raid on a notorious gang that had 12 young black girls held captive to be sold as sex slaves. The former lover, Cat, from his previous book, is an FBI agent who went above and beyond the call of duty to go into the home and attack from the rear while the other agents were out front taking cover behind their disabled SUVs where a dozen agents were already dead. Catarena killed two dogs and every human in the home including the young boy.

SPOILER ALERT: So many inconsistencies and unforgiveables in this book! Throwing F bombs in the courtroom. Not acceptable in ANY court of law. A local DA who is in "love" with a man she has never actually met, so much so that she sends him "vagina" texts and tries to seduce him numerous times despite the fact that he isn't interested. And what judge would leave his lifetime secure post to defend the woman who is about to be the mother of his child? Can you say CONFLICT OF INTEREST? But he also defended his ex-wife, who we find out in this novel is now dead in Mexico.

STILL SPOILING: Did anyone at all find it believable that the DA would host a concert and throw F bombs on TV? That she would incite riots on purpose? That she would tip off The Tribe of Death gang that the FBI is about to conduct a raid? That she would allow 12 young girls to be sacrificed to start her race war? She couldn't have known Cat would go in the back way and save the day. And who believes that the gang leader would mug for a camera allowing all of the gang's activities to be recorded then let the girl recording it get away. Then other gang members kill her AFTER she is in witness protection and relocated to France. That sounds right. (not)

STILL MORE SPOILING: It was completely obvious that Jesse was being used as a human shield long before the characters figured it out. Also, is it realistic to think that the top guy in the gang would go from Houston to Dallas and actually give a speech before killing Cat and her unborn child? Wouldn't Cat and Scott still have been taking precautions to keep her safe since everyone in the city was blaming her for killing a young black boy? And would a medical examiner actually commit perjury willingly for any reason?

LAST OF THE SPOILERS: What parents talk to their 13 year old girls about multiple orgasms? Oh. That's right. None. And allow them to use swear words generously. And the judge's diatribe at the end of the trial was pure propaganda on how to "fix" America. I may agree with some of the concepts, but I just find it difficult to believe that a judge would deliver a verdict that long and that personal and that irrelevant to the actual case - which was clearly whether or not she was acting in a manner reasonable to her expected job duties to be immune to prosecution under the Supremacy Clause. Her case had nothing to do with race.

Okay. I'm done complaining now. I was hoping Scott would get married and live happily ever after and the girls would have a mother, but it was not to be. I don't really want to read any more about A. Scott Fenney.

P. S.  The cover of this book is truly boring.

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  1. It sounds like the author quit writing and started lecturing, using a terrible plot and story line to do so.


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