Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weekly Roundup

My favorite reads from this week:

Scary Mommy - 10 Things I Want to Say to my Gynecologist.

The truth!  But not just true, so funny!  You can't miss this one!You will relate to at least one of these things, or maybe even all of them!  Panty rack, tissue paper doily, stretch-a-hoo-ha nutcracker looking contraption.  Go and enjoy the humorous truth.  I love the Scary Mommy site, but I would like to leave comments without first having to register.  That's the only drawback.  I always find things I enjoy reading.

Mom Bloggers Club -  Four Keys to Blogging Success That Never Go Out of Style

Even if you don't want your blog to specifically be a "mom" blog, these are some good, general tips for any blog.  These work for people like me who blog for fun, too.  I love to write, so it would be great if I thought more people were reading my blog, so every now and then, looking at some tips reminds me that there are things I can do to keep my blog current.  I especially like this statement:  They don’t simply write about topics, they take you on journeys.  

OrgJunkie - 5 Ways to Create a Bedroom Sanctuary for a Good Night's Sleep

I love sleep.  I don't get enough of it, but I love it!  And I wish I could get a good night's sleep, so I'm always looking for easy things to do to make sleep better.  This post has a few suggestions that you might like.  It's a sponsored post,  but OrgJunkie always includes lots of practical tips in addition to the things she wants to say about the product.  There's a giveaway included, so you might want to give it a look!

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