Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Random Tuesday

Random!  My favorite topic, or lack of.  I'm linking my post with Stacy Uncorked.  Join us!

My arm is getting, oh, so much better, now that I'm going to physical therapy.  It's not easy, but my range of motion is showing gradual improvement.  I'm halfway through the "sling" stage and anticipating the time I can type with two hands, hold my beautiful cat, and do some scrap-booking and crafts.

Our AC went out early yesterday morning, and we didn't realize it until late afternoon. Hubby is very mechanical, so he tried a few things before deciding to call someone.  By then, no one was available to come out until the morning.  Now, please understand... Having no air conditioner in south Texas in July is a CRISIS!  I pray someone comes early this morning to repair it and that it doesn't cost us an arm and a leg.
Speaking of costing an arm and a leg, which we know refers to something expensive, here's a little story that explains the so-called origin of the phrase.

 The tale is that portrait painters used to charge more for larger paintings, and that a head and shoulders painting was the cheapest option, followed in price by one which included arms, and finally the top of the range, 'legs and all' portrait. 

Unfortunately, this story is completely untrue and backed with no evidence other than the word of some unknown drunk at a pub ages ago. Hahaha!

Painters certainly did charge more for large pictures, but there's no evidence to suggest they did so by limb count.

Have a happy week!

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  1. Hope your arm gets to feeling better soon.
    I'm a total air baby so I certainly have empathy for you. Hope your AC gets fixed soon.


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