Thursday, July 23, 2015

July Food Holidays

Who knew?
Almost every day in July is categorized as a food holiday.
Here are some.

July 1 - National Gingersnap Day
July 4 - National Barbecued Spareribs Day
July 5 - National Apple Turnover Day
July 6 - National Fried Chicken Day

July 9 - National Sugar Cookie Day
July 10 - Pick Blueberries Day
July 11 - National Blueberry Muffin Day
July 13 - National French Fries Day
July 14 - Macaroni Day
July 20 - National Lollipop Day
July 23 - National Hot Dog Day
July 29 - National Lasagna Day
July 31 - Jump for Jelly Beans Day

For a complete list, visit The Nibble.
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Ron. said...

Hot Dog Day, eh? I'm gonna make Sandra take me out to B&W for a chili cheeser.

sandyland said...

what is wrong with this girl I eat none of those did in past though

Mia Celeste said...

I think it's also National Ice Cream month. Not totally sure, but it's a good month! :)

Heather said...

Mia is correct, it is National Ice Cream Month. I celebrated last night with a $1 waffle cone. :-D

Alice Audrey said...

Hotdog day? That at least gives me an idea for supper.

CountryDew said...

I can't believe I missed National Sugar Cookie Day! I love those. Great TT.

Novroz said...

Are those days for real??? guys are so creative in creating so many national days. Thank God my country only has few national days or I will never remember them all ;)


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