Sunday, July 12, 2015

I am the Grammar Queen

Need something proofread at work?  Have a question about a paper you're writing for grad school?  Want me to double check your syllabus and parent letter before you print it?  I'm the woman!  I was once only the Grammar Princess, but our Grammar Queen retired, and the title passed to me.  Other than the age range,  I meet the requirements of Grammar Nerd.  Do you fit the profile?Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd Infographic "Irregardless" gets me every time, as does "intensive purposes" and as do many other mistakes people make. And how many people, other than I, even know what the Oxford comma is? I will use one in a sentence: Some pet peeves I have with words are "alot," "liberry," between you and I," and "pitcher (when meaning picture)." Did you see it? Are you a Grammar Nerd, too?

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  1. I definitely was more during my school study years, but I fear all the rules have likely exited my brain now. I know we should be more aware of all the rules, but sometimes, I enjoy writing more in "character"; so to speak. It gives a bit more life at times to writing. But I really should take a refresher course for those times when you absolutely should be speaking correctly.


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