Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup is sponsored by High-Heeled Love and My So-called Chaos.  Link up your favorite reads from this week.

Organize and Decorate Everything - Spray Painted Wall Art

Spray painting is an easy and economical redecorating tool.  I love the way she totally changed the look of this wall art and how it matches her space better.  You can customize almost any type of art for any room.

Sparkles and Stretchmarks - So You Want to be a Pro-blogger
 Hayley is a mom from the UK, and she's definitely what you would call a professional blogger.  Even if your goal is not to become a pro-blogger, she has many common-sense tips and ideas for managing your blog, even if it's just a hobby.  I really liked the links she included in her section on using tools.  I had no idea these things existed.  Very informative.

Scary Mommy - If My Kid is Being an A**hole, I Want You To Tell Me
As I plan for the upcoming school year, I can't help but wonder what my new students are going to be like... and what their parents will be like because when students start sixth grade, their parents are still very much a part of the educational process.  Susie Johnson, the author of this post, is REAL.  And humorous,  I wish my students' parents could be more like her,  However, they are more likely to deny their angel has done anything questionable.  Not all of them, you understand, but enough of them to matter.  I enjoyed this post.

Salt and Pepper Moms - DIY Painted Lockers
I love these retro lockers!  I believe she has them in her mud room.  Here in Texas, we don't have mud rooms, but I could see this in the garage or even in my classroom.  The hardest part for her was finding them at a decent price, so I should probably start now.

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