Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

13 FUN Things to do in the Summer!

1. Sleep late - just like you did when you were a teenager!
2. Stay up late watching movies.
3. Participate in the reading program at your local library. And it's free!
4. Visit museums. We've got History, Art, Holocaust, Chidren's, and Natural Science museums!
5. Go to the beach! We are lucky to live close to one.
6. Barbecue in the backyard.
7. Go swimming in the neighborhood pool.
8. Visit a waterpark. We have Schlitterbahn, 2 locations, not too far.
9. Have a picnic! Where? In the back yard, at a park, at a playground.
10. Run through the sprinklers like you did when you were a kid!
11. Meet your friends for lunch or coffee.
12. Make crafts: paint, make soap or candles, create cards, scrapbook, etc.
13. Make some homemade ice cream!

Have a fun summer! Join us for Thursday Thirteen!


Together We Save said...

Those are wonderful things to do in the summer!!

I am Harriet said...

so true, so true :)

Have a great day!

Myya said...

Great list, I do believe that most of those are on my list as well :)

jehara said...

I wish we lived closer to the ocean.

cookingmom said...

Great list - I've seen Schlitterbahn on the Travel Channel and always wanted to go.

latree said...

I would love to do most of your list, but having a baby made me have to wait until the time come for me to be able to :D
have fun, though...

jillconyers said...

Sounds like a perfect summer!

Americanising Desi said...

your list makes me so jealous!

I knew Summer once

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