Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday Movie Meme

Feature Presentation - Special Effects
The movies that come to mind when I think of special effects are all of the Harry Potter films. I loved the books, and I loved the movies, too, even if they are a bit condensed compared to the books.

The Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

The Chamber of Secrets (2002)

The Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

The Goblet of Fire (2005)

The Order of the Phoenix (2007)

The Half Blood Prince (2009)

I'm anxiously awaiting the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (2010) and Part II (2011). Watch a trailer for Part 1.

My favorite special effect in the HP movies is the Pensieve.
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  1. I will admit that I have never read or seen any of the Harry Potter movies or books.

    Im thinking I might try reading one just to find ot if I like it.

  2. I'm the same as Melanie - haven't read or seen a one of them. But I want to and will - excellent theme to use for today's topic!

  3. great choices for special effects. I love all the HP movies but I think Prisoner was my fave for effects!

  4. You are absolutely right about the Harry Potter films, in my opinion! They have fantastic special effects - I loved the flying dinosaurs & the town where the wizards shop but I agree with you that the Pensieve is one of the best special effects.

    Great post!

    ~ Amy

  5. I completely forgot about the Harry Potter movies. The pensive was awesome.

  6. Great choice! I love the books and really like the movies. Looking forward to the next one :)


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