Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Just My Opinion

These opinions are usually my book posts, but this time, it's about fast food. When I mentioned to some friends that I was in California, they said, "Eat at In-n-Out Burger. It's so good! Yummy!" Well, I haven't told them yet, but I will tell you, I'm not impressed.

We were hungry when we got here, and In-n-Out was one of the first places we saw. Since "everyone" raved about it, we decided we had to try it. My husband LOVES hamburgers. Me? Not so much. They're okay, but not something I usually look forward to eating. With all the recommendations, though, I thought it would be worth it.

Honestly, the hamburger was quite ordinary, and I didn't like the fries at all. They were very bland and undercooked. Frankly, I'd rather eat at Whataburger! Sorry, friends. In-n-Out doesn't make Forgetfulone's good list.

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  1. I grew up an In'n'Out girl, but I prefer 5 guys burgers and fries now! Hope you're having fun!

  2. Isn't it a bummer when something doesn't live up to the hype!

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  4. I have never ate at either one but love how you give your personal opinion so I signed up to follow and see what else you share

  5. now you've put the thought of a burger in my mind and in my tummy.

  6. Yeah - HYpe can kill even a good thing!
    I do like eating here when we are in cali but I have been to good ones and bad ones. It's a nice break from Mcdonalds!

  7. I prefer Fatburger and 5 Guys :)

  8. Yep. You made me hungry, too :P


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