Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunshine Award

My friend Jenn at My Kids are My World gave me this sweet, cheerful award! Thank you so much, Jenn! Her blog is one that I definitely keep in my reader, and one that I've been reading for a long time. I hope you'll go visit her!
Display the award on your blog, thank and link back to the person that gave it to you and pass it on to other deserving bloggers. I'm going to pass this on to some particularly "sunny" people!

Myya from Myya Says ( a new blog-friend I met through a swap)

Tamy from 3 Sides of Crazy and Always Eat on the Good China (a blogger I've known virtually for about three years who I recently became FIRLs with (Friends in Real Life)

Save Your Soul from She Sings Inside (I've been reading her for a while, first on her other blog, and now on this one. She's sweet and young and writes from her heart.)

Melanie from Through Our Children's Eyes. (I've been reading her a while, and she is optimistic and probably one of the most creative bloggers I know.)


  1. Thank you so much Diana! I'm so glad I got to swap with you & have gotten to know your blog (and you of course). Now I'll just have to figure out how to award my award to others. :)

  2. Thank you so much Diana, I am so thankful that I met you through Sunday Scrappin'.

  3. Congratulations Diana! And thanks for passing it on to me - made my day after a particularly bad day and long week.


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