Friday, September 30, 2022

Crafty Storage Solutions


Hi friends.  I have been very busy restructuring my craft room to make it easily accessible for all of the different crafts I like to do.  I would say that my top three crafts are scrapbooking, card-making, and sewing.  (I also love to make things with wood and canvas.)  My storage of certain items just wasn't working for me.  I had to find some solutions so this doesn't happen:

  First,  brads.  I have different types and colors, and they are small and easy to lose, so I have to have a failproof way to store them.

  I used to keep them in a sort of tackle box type container, and I thought about going back to that, but the box was actually too big. Brads are small.  I've been keeping them in tiny zip bags in some clear jewelry-type boxes on my table. 
My solution is going to be to store them in these clear Fab Lab Containers and store the containers in a clear plastic bin  like these so I can see at a glance what I have and grab what I need.

(I already have them, so I didn't purchase anything new.)  I'm also going to store my stamp pads in one of these because they have outgrown the bin they are in now.

Next on my list is card-making supplies such as card fronts, folded cards, and envelopes, all in different sizes.  I decided to purchase a bin that has 6 tabs built in tabs. 

I can put them in the box and have them right at my fingertips (with labeled tabs) instead of having to dig through the photobox where they are now.  

 I am also using one of these square boxes for my patterns.  My patterns fit nicely into the medium sized plastic envelopes sold by  The medium envelopes fit nicely in the box above since the box also came from

I have already organized my fabric into two large totes.  I folded the fabric around cardboard pieces so that I can see everything that I have at a glance and in color order.

Next, my thread and sewing notions.  Instead of this...

I've purchase an actual storage bin that is made to hold thread.   I purchased this at JoAnn.

Last, I need a solution for my embellishment flowers like these.

 I've been storing them in little buckets hooked to the bottom of my pegboard.

The buckets are cute, and I have easy access to them, but I don't like not being able to see what I have.  They are divided by color, which I like, but they could also be gathering dust.  I  watched a video today of a scrapbooker who keeps hers in plastic zip bags, but she never said where she kept the bags, so I'm open to all ideas!

My goal is to have my craft room organized so that I can easily find everything I need, and these were problem areas. I've already tamed the paper, punches, adhesives, stencils, pens, kits, and photos.  When I finish this round of organizing, all I will have left to organize are the flowers.  Any suggetions?

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