Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Wishful Thinking (T13)


Here are some phrases that are mainly just wishful thinking; but I think I can make some of them happen.

1. Someday I want to publish a piece of writing.

2. Someday I want to be able to sell something I have made specifically to sell such as a wreath, SVG, or a handmade sewing item.

3. Someday I want our other two daughters to make us grandparents.

4. Someday I want to see my dad again. I guess that will be in Heaven.

This is my dad with his sister, my favorite aunt.

5. Someday I want to sleep ALL DAY without feeling guilty about it. Technically I could do it now, but I would feel guilty.

6. Someday I want to feel thin.

7. Someday I want a hot tub and deck in my back yard, maybe even a pool.

8. Someday I would like to hire a housekeeper.

9. Someday I want to downsize our home to something like this:

10.Someday I would like to go to Europe (like my daughter).

11.Someday I want to take another dance class.  I haven' taken a dance class in 37 years.


12.Someday I would like to have a surprise party.

13.Someday I hope I don't have to worry about money.

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  1. Ha! I was just youtubing above ground pools. I've accomplished a number of those. I'm done with dance classes (like freestyle) and surprise parties (only had one when I was a teenager).

  2. I had a surprise party for my 50th birthday, but it was the only one I ever had. My husband planned it. So never too late on that one. And you are publishing with your blog! It may not be what you had in mind, but it's publishing.

  3. Those are good, and many are things you can work toward!

  4. You publish every time you post on your blog, so you can cross off #1. Your dream cottage is cute. I’d love to have a front porch.


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