Thursday, September 22, 2022

Crafty Friday

 Hi friends! Recently, I made a crossbody purse to use on our 2nd annual Great Texas Road Trip.

 It was 9x9 prior to sewing so ended up about 8x8 after seam allowances with one slip pocket on the inside made with the lining fabric and bias tape. 
This shows how long the strap is.

I learned how to make the slip pocket from YouTuber Anne Bonney Bags. I learned how to create the adjustable strap for my bag from YouTuber Le Janaro

Here is the hardware  I used, and here is the zipper.  It worked perfectly for our trip!  I needed to be able to walk hands-free in order to use my camera, but there are always certain things you want to have with you at all times.

I also made my own reversible bucket hat.  I got the free pattern from Hello Sewing which I was able to tweak to fit my smallish head, and I followed her video tutorial on YouTube. 

This hat was very useful when we visited Big Bend National Park.

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