Friday, August 05, 2022

It's Been Crafty around Here Lately, but


Sometimes I think I really have attention deficit!  I suppose I do, to some extent.  I have had all kinds of crafts going on here, but nothing is completed!  I start one, start another, start still another, and the next thing I know, I've begun 4 projects.

image credit and link to directions

Last week I took part in the Cardmaker Success Summit hosted by Stamp Me Some Love.  The summit is over, but you can still purchase VIP access to all of the demos and videos if you so choose.  There were so many good ones!  I really enjoyed presentations from The Bearded Housewife (he's a dude), Colorado Craft Company, and Scrap Me Quick Designs.  The only technique I've tried so far is inkblending, and I need some practice to get the desired effect!  But, the key is, I TRIED, and I KEEP TRYING, so maybe one day, I can create this:
image credit

I was asked by a former coworker to create some window box planters for her classroom and one for her bookshelf.  This is basically my first "contracted" craft assignment.  I made some arrangements for my daughter's wedding, and I used to have some in my own classroom, so this is 100% doable. 

I started by spray-painting three planter boxes with a dark purple and putting florist foam in the planters.  I've picked the moss, flowers, and leaves I want to use, so a little more to go, and I'm done.  I'm not an expert, but the key is, I CAN DO THIS!

I also started painting a little wooden owl that I may attach to one of the containers.  I like crafting with wood, paint and canvas.  So far, I just have the base coat.  I need to do a little feathering with silver and purple. She didn't ask me to do this, but the key is, I ENJOY IT!

Top trim, lining, and outer fabric purchased from Jo Ann.

Loop straps and D rings

Last, I am trying to turn these supplies into a purse with a top zipper, front pocket zipper, 3 non-zipper pockets, and straps connected to D rings.  This is a BIG project!  Yesterday I got so frustrated.  I had a beautiful topstitch on my zipper, and I had to rip it all apart and redo because I had placed the zipper the wrong way on the fabric.  But, it's going to be cute!  They key is, I KEEP TRYING.

So today I'm wishing encouragement to everyone who is trying to learn something new or trying to hone a skill.  JUST KEEP TRYING!

Hobby Lobby

P. S.  I also have plans to make this cute Grinch (or something similar) into a wall hanging,  kitchen hot mats, a tee shirt, and a dress for my darling granddaughter, and I need to get started on Christmas presents soon!  If I can do it, you can do it!

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  2. You can do them, and i'm so glad you share what you are doing, your progress and setbacks. It's a joy to watch you work.

  3. Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators! I have to agree, anyone can craft. I recently started learning to sew. I've been wanting my grandmother to teach me for years, but we live an hour apart so we never get the time. I'm having to learn on my own, so if I can do that, anyone can!


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