Thursday, August 11, 2022

Completed Crafts! Decor and Sewing

 Hello friends!  This has been a super crafty week, and I finally have completed projects to share.

A teacher friend asked me if I would make some planter boxes for her.  Not only that, she paid me to do it!  Let me show you what I got paid to do.  (My first "customer!" I'm excited in case you can't tell!)

I bargain-shopped for the planters!  I got lucky at Home Depot.  They are usually 10-20 depending on what you want, but I got them on sale for $3 each then spray painted them a dark purple.  I had quite a few flowers left from my daughter's wedding, but I went to dollar tree to get some onion grass and purple flowers, and I got some purple flowers on Amazon at a good price.  Here they are!

I also made her a fabric storage bin with enough interfacing to make sure it actually stands up like a basket.  I had a few of these at Easter, but I reviewed a video from a Youtuber who goes by Treasurie, and I gave this cute basket to my friend, and it is now on her desk.  Believe it or not, her district is already back to school, kids and all.

This is the top view

Regular View.  It's about 8-9 inches tall.

Thanks for visiting!  Next week I will show you the purse/handbag I just finished.

I'm linking up with Crafty Creators and Friendship Friday.

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