Thursday, August 11, 2022

Awesome Aussie Words (T13)


I recently read the book What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.  She is from Australia, so I came across some words we don't use here in the U. S.  Here are some of them.

1.profiterole- similar to a cream puff, but can be filled with things other than cream including savory filling or sweet filling, such as ice cream or chocolate.

2. pikelets- similar to pancakes but with thicker batter.  They are heavier than pancakes.  Another source said they were meat pies but I'm pretty sure in the story they were talking about pancakes.

3.  punnet- a basket or other container for fruits or vegetables..  Kind of like a measurement of how much you have.

4.  rusk- similar to toast but baked twice.

5.  foolscap- A size of paper approximately 13x 18 inches.

6.  lamingtons- Butter cake or pound cake dipped in chocolae and rolled in coconut.

7.  fe'te- a celebration or festival.

8.  tuckshop- Like a concession stand;

9.  paddlepop- an ice cream novelty.

10. fringe- What we call bangs.

11. rugged up- To wrap someone in warm blankets.

 12. petrol- gasoline

13. sultana and sultana bran- a sultana is a raisin

There were actually more that I wasn't familiar with, but these are fun!

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  1. My son spent some time in Australia and has called breakfast "brekkie" ever since!

  2. They renamed the first Harry Potter book over here in the US because they didn't think "Philosopher's Stone" would go over as well as "Sorcerer's Stone." It is amazing the differenced in language sometimes.


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