Thursday, July 21, 2022

Current and Future Projects *A T13

I love using my creativity to make things, either sewing, crafting, card-making, cooking, scrapbooking.  These are some ideas.

1.  Currently I am making a zippered handbag.  I'm just at the every beginning of this project. I'm using this fabric for the outer part of the bag.

2.  I want to make some comfy shorts.  Maybe out of this fabric.

3.  I want to make a shirt using this pattern
and this fabric.

4.  Hogwarts Castle Engraved Line Drawing on an aluminum sheet (using my maker and a special marker to make the cut lines stand out more)

5.  Harry Potter Stickers for one of my daughters

6.  Fabric coasters to give as gifts

7.  Keyfobs, also for gifts

8.  A cat hammock

9. Heat transfer vinyl on a wooden circle (different phrase, though)

10. Layered letter shadow box

11.  Travel wrap (similar to the nail care wraps I made last year)

12.  Eyeglasses case ( which I have made one before)

13.  This "I am a little door key" card.  (Dad pun- dorky)

Did you like any of these?
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  1. Dang, you are so crafty. I need to clean up my space before I can work. I need motivation!

  2. I have a small zippered pouch a friend made me out of a similar bee pattern. I carry it in my purse and keep my medications and asthma inhaler in there so I can find it quickly. Great ideas if you're crafty.

  3. That's a lot of fun projects, i hope you get to do and enjoy them all.


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